July 25th, 2011

10 Reasons to Care About Burma

A friend of mine calls Burma “the craziest thing you’ve never heard about”. He’s probably right. Here are a few more reasons you should learn more and do something:

06. Religious Persecution

Non-Buddhist groups often face religious persecution. Burning of churches and persecution of religious leaders is common.

 07. Forced Labor and Humans Minesweepers

The military routinely takes villagers and prisoners to work on state projects, work as porters and serve as human minesweepers during military campaigns.

 08. Destruction of the Environment

The government sponsors: large scale clear-cutting of some of the world’s oldest remaining natural teak forests; toxic mining practices; and poorly planned and built dams. These abuses are affecting surrounding countries and future generations. 


Adapted from the Free Burma Rangers Prayer Almanac, “Ten Reasons it is Right to Be Involved In Burma”